I'm not religious when it comes to software, I simply like to use what works.  I've gone through different stages, including using Windows, Solaris, Linux, OpenBSD (even OpenBSD on Sparc).  Now I use a Mac, I love how it always just works and it is a power house when it comes to video editing.  However one of the problems with Macs, and the Mac community, is a general lack of security awareness.  Because Macs up to now have not been a target, there have been few high visibility attacks or threats.  With recent attacks such as MacDefender and Mac Security (Rogue AV for Macs), that could be changing.  These attacks are really nothing new, just your common Rogue Anti-Virus.   However, the event was so new to the community that the Mac forums were swamped, and at first Apple was not even sure how to respond, eventually deciding on releasing an update.  In contrast, this is standard daily affair for Microsoft, who has been dealing with this for years and have highly structured processes to dealing with it. This has several implications.  First, we need to be sure we are reaching not just Windows but Mac users in any awareness program.  Mac users are going to be harder to engage as they often feel they are untouchable (can't happen to me).  Be sure to includes screenshots and examples such as these in your training to communicate your program.  Second, it would be great to see Apple start addressing these communication and awareness issues the way Microsoft has.  I'm a big fan of Mac and use it every day, but security is to be honest one of my growing concerns.  With the proliferation of Apple devices, and the convergence of iOS and Mac OS, this should be popping up on your awareness radar.