Recently the Cable Service Provider Comcast released a new, free service for their subscribers ... and I think it is a brilliant idea.  The concept is called Comcast Constant Guard Center.  This is a service where if Comcast think's one of their customers has an infected computer, they contact the victim and redirect them to the internal Constant Guard website.  This security portal then explains to the customer that they may be infected, what infected means, and how to protect themselves.  It then provides a four step process of explaining how people can ensure their computer is updated, install Microsoft's Malware Removal Tool, and then provides free copies of Norton Security Suite, Immunet Protect and Secunia.  They even offer a service where you can call a 24 hour hotline and get technical support to fix your infected system (the technical support part is not free and costs $99).

I really feel this portal is brilliant, I love the idea.  It not only provides awareness and teaches people about the issues, but then provides solutions.  I would love to see organizations doing the same for their awareness program.  Why not create an internal security awareness portal that provides similar services, but makes users more aware of security issues such as providing awareness computer based training, newsletters, forums to post questions or a FAQ.  While most organizations will already have similar security software installed on work computers, why not offer similar free software for employees at home?  As we see more and more organizations mix both personal and work related devices, and as more people work from home, information security becomes just as important for organizations in employees personal lives as their work lives.

Great job Comcast, this is something I encourage other organizations to consider.