The organizers at the 13th Annual New York State Cyber Security Conference have kindly accepted me to speak again this year.  My one hour talk will be on Securing The Human on 16 June.  If you will be attending the event, or are even in Albany, please email me and lets meet up.  I always love the opportunity to meet others working on the human issues and share lessons learned. This event is hosted by the New York State Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination.  They are one of the most active state organizations I know in helping securing state level infrastructure.  Think about it, this is critical.  If you have been following Brian Krebs you will see his recent articles on how it is smaller business and government organizations that are targeted.  As a father of three, it really hurts when you read how these criminals are stealing from local school districts, they are literally stealing our future.  I can't think of a better cause to help secure.