Medium Channel Announcement

“Good advice is hard to find these days.”

While this forlorn sentiment might be painfully true for some particular situations in your personal and professional life, where do you go for expert advice for your security awareness program? Do you scour through page after page of a trusted search engine? Do you lean on a trusted friend in the industry? Or do you close your eyes, cross your fingers, and hope for the best?

When it comes to scratching that itch for adequate awareness insight, expertise, and thought leadership, the good advice you need is out there. You just might not be looking in the right places.

SANS Security Awareness, the leaders in offering everything security awareness specialists need to create and launch an effective security awareness strategy, is now featured on Medium, a site where people go to tap into the brains of the world’s most insightful writers and thinkers. From how to market your program, how to speak to leadership, how to weigh the benefits of implementing particular learning methodologies, and even how to decode and conquer your Learning Management System (LMS), our fleet of experts are now featured there at your disposal.

Our cybersecurity subject matter experts, learning design experts, and client success and program customization experts represent the expansive collection of instructors and specialists who have worked to develop and drive the core messaging behind security awareness training concepts. Despite the size of your organization or your program maturity level, the rooted expertise behind SANS Security Awareness will provide you with a roadmap to success, enabling you to mature your program and manage risk.

Though our SAN Security Awareness blog will continue to feature our distinctive set of expertise, by also representing our footprint in the industry on Medium, you’ll also have access to long-form articles and helpful content styles, right at your fingertips, certain to give you the answers you might be looking for in your security awareness quest. It goes without saying that there is a lot that goes into getting a program out the door and maintaining its effectiveness. And these articles, posted several times a month to Medium’s channel, will bring even more op-ed insight to you that is as dynamic as your organization. 

Lurk away a bit or create an account and customize your preferred topics (including cyber security!) on Medium today. You can even give us a follow so you won’t miss a single publication. We’ll see you over there!

And as always, if you have topics you’d like for us to touch on, or would like to speak with someone one-on-one about your security awareness program goals, we’re always happy to chat.

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