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SANS MGT433 is an intense two day course on how to build, measure and maintain a high-impact security awareness program.  If you are looking to build a new program and are not sure where to start, or if you have an existing program you need to take to the next level, this is the class for you.  In the past five years we have trained over 1,000 security awareness officers.  In addition this year we have made lots of new improvements, including longer, more in-depth class labs and exciting examples of how other organizations are building their program to include ambassador programs, gamification, targeted messaging, key engagement strategies and the most effective metrics.  We teach this class all over the world and offer the opportunity to attend remotely via Simulcast.  Learn more and sign-up for an upcoming class at our events page.

Feel this class may not be for you, need something even more advanced?  Consider the two day Security Awareness Summit this 3/4 August in San Francisco.  Learn from your peers how they took their security awareness program to the next level.  In addition we added numerous new activities to include video wars, 360 lightening talks, show-n-tell, and group case studies.  Learn what all the excitement is about with the Security Awareness Summit.