Lance Spitzner picture RSA

Something you may not realize about the RSA Conference folks is they have a philanthropic program called CyberSafety: Kids.  The goal of this effort is to leverage the 35,000 cyber security professionals that attend RSA Conference every year and enable them to help spread the word on how to secure kids online today.  A key part of that effort is not to reach just kids, but their parents.  By teaching parents on how to enable and secure their kids online, we train the first line defenders. Its brilliant.  I'm a huge fan of the project and actively involved in it.

As part of that effort, RSA Conference folks hosted a one-day workshop this weekend on training parents on how to secure their kids, called CyberSmart: Parents.  The whole idea being CyberSmart Parents == CyberSafe Kids.   RSA brought together some of the brightest minds to come speak, to include the folks at My Digital TAT2, Larry Magid from ConnectSafely and the San Francisco PD Internet Crimes team.  They shared a tremendous wealth of information and knowledge.  The key take aways included that education, and not technology is your kids best defense.  You need to ensure you are talking with them, and they are talking with you.  The other key take away I learned is setting a good example.  Quite often our kids become immersed in technology because they learned the behavior from us, their parents.  Protecting kids is protecting all of our futures, I cannot think of a more exciting cause then that.  Visit RSA Conference CyberSmart Parents site to learn more, to include an eHandbook that highlights the key takeaways from the event.  The recording of the workshop will be posted online in about two weeks (mid-March).  I'll be sure to announce on Social Media once it is online.