This is presenting tip #6,  based on numerous mistakes I have made in the past.  Death by PowerPoint can also be called death by bullet point.  Sometimes I think presentations are nothing more then a contest of how much information you can squeeze into each slide.  The key lesson I have learned is "SLIDES ARE NOT THE PRESENTATION, YOU ARE".  In other words people came to the event to hear the value you add, the lessons you learned.  The purpose of the slides is not to cram in your talk, they are a tool to emphasize key points or help communicate an idea.  If you want examples of how not to create a slide, look back into the past from Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer.  For me, I love the clean, simple lines that Apple uses in their presentations.  Some key ideas I like to follow.
  1. Use just images whenever possible.  Its more visually engaging and it allows you more freedom to create a story and communicate your ideas.
  2. If you have to use words, make sure the very last person in the very last row can easily read your text.  If you can, get to the venue early, then go through your slides while sitting at the very back.  This should give you a new perspective.
I have a personal goal of creating a security awareness presentation that does not have a single word in the slide deck.  I haven't made it yet, but I'm getting close.