I really believe that one of the key factors to a successful awareness program is communication.  And one of the best ways to communicate is presenting in person to a group of people.  Often this is not an option as this does not scale, it can be difficult to get employees together in the same room, especially when you have offices around the world.  It can also cost much more then other options, such as online training.  But when you can get people in the same room, presenting, when done well, can make a big impact. As such I'm always trying to find new and better ways to present.  My greatest fear is "Death by Power Point".  One of my golden principles is to have as little text as possible in my presentations.  My goal one day is to present with just images (almost there).  Also, I always keep my eyes open for new methods for presenting and I recently came across two, which I wanted to share.

  1. Timeline 3D This is  used for presenting information that happened over time in three dimensional space.  While this is very sexy, it also has a benefit.  Because the data is 3 dimensional, it is much easier  for the viewer to keep in context where a specific event is in relation to the overall timeline and adjacent events.  I first saw this used by David Watson of the Honeynet Project to demonstrate Conficker and how it evolved over time. While this tool is very specific to presenting on time based events, it is very powerful.
  2. Prezi:  Now here is a tool I just recently found, I have not yet had a chance to create a presentation with it out yet.  The concept is rather cool.  Instead of presenting information linearly over a series of slides, the information is actually all on one  whiteboard.  You then zoom in and zoom out to different elements and pan around. The goal is similar to Timeline 3D, your viewer always knows the context of the data, how it relates to other elements.  This makes it simpler for people to see and understand the big picture.

I definitely want to integrate new concepts like this into future presenting techniques.  My goal is to also play with one of my favorite tools, Apple Motion, and see if I can't figure out a way to create 'video' like presentations.