Daria Catalui

Editor's Note:  Daria Catalui  leads the security awareness outreach program at ENISA. She is one of the speakers for the upcoming EU Security Awareness Summit in London on 10 July. Below she discusses what her talk will be on and what you will  learn from it.

Hello, I am a passionate advocate of eEducation so you can safely assume that I will speak about it at the summit, naturally! At ENISA, the EU’s cybersecurity agency we are part of the coalition to enhance e-skills adoption in the EU. We tackle Network and Information Security topics and we believe in a more secure digital environment. For example, I am going to speak about our brokerage work within the European Cyber Security Month which takes place every October. The message is “Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. STOP.THINK.CONNECT.” If you want to know more TRY THIS QUIZ! https://cybersecuritymonth.eu/references/quiz-demonstration

When we refer to e-skills, we mean the electronic skills that become mandatory for the work and leisure lifestyle in the 21st century. The term "e-skills" encompasses a broad set of skills necessary in the modern workplace and digital economy. Successful innovation in ICT requires cross-disciplinary, cognitive and problem-solving skills as well as an understanding of the fundamentals of business and communication skills, including competence in foreign languages. These skills should be seen in the wider context of a core set of competences equipping all European citizens for a knowledge-based society. These key competences should be provided in a lifelong learning context.

To sum up we would like to work more in public-private partnerships for eEducation and I will use this occasion to start some collaborative work, with YOU. More at the summit. Looking forward to meeting you!