In a previous post we discussed the challenge of communicating awareness programs in your organization.   Specifically, if your training is a scheduled event you will probably average around a 5% show-up rate. For your training to be effective in today's highly connected environment people need to be able to take it when they want from wherever they want. In my original blog I mentioned at least four different methods that I have seen work well;  online videos,   blogs, newsletters and stickers. Today I will cover the final approach, stickers.   Obviously just creating some stickers is not going to solve your awareness and education problem.  You need primary training such as workshops, videos, podcasts or other methods that go into far greater details.  But stickers have some great advantages as a reinforcement tool.
  1. Stickers are fun.  They are simple ideas that people can spread on their own (put on laptops, monitors, walls, books or other materials).  Make a sticker engaging enough and it can go 'viral' in your organization.
  2. Stickers are a great way to involve employees, have a contest and let people create and submit ideas of their own.  Award prizes and recognition for the ideas you choose.
  3. Stickers are cheap, great if you are on a low budget.
To be honest I was never a big fan of stickers until I saw how Facebook used them in their awareness program.  Facebook has a very anti-corporate culture, as such the idea of employee made stickers is a natural for them (Facebook goes so far as to let employees draw on corporate walls).  Obviously stickers are not for every culture, I have a hard time seeing these in a law firm.  But if you are looking for a way to effectively reach people on their own time and add some fun reinforcement, stickers may be another great tool in your arsenal.