bleeding heart

A key step to protecting most operating systems is regularly patching and updating them.  Some operating systems, such as Microsoft, are updated on a monthly basis, known as Patch Tuesday.  However, every now and then a critical vulnerability is found, one that bad guys are actively exploiting.  In these cases organizations like Microsoft release what is called an out-of-band patch, an emergency patch released outside of the normal patching schedule. People are nothing more then another operating system, just like computers you and I store, process and transfer information.  Just like computers people should be 'patched' monthly.  To help organizations with their monthly HumanOS patching process we release the free, OUCH! security awareness newsletter.  And just like Microsoft, on rare occasions we see a need for an out-of-band release.  We just released our first called "Heartbleed - Why Do I Care?".  It explains in very simple terms what Heartbleed is and what people can do to protect themselves as individuals.  While we just have the English version released (it normally takes 6 weeks to develop and translate OUCH!) we will be releasing the translated versions as soon as they are ready.  As always, you can download OUCH! at

UPDATE: 23 April / 11:52:  We are uploading a new version that corrects a misspelling, and adds one sentence recommending that people also change their password questions / answers.