computer screen with bad guy

The January edition of the OUCH! security awareness newsletter is out. For 2017 we kick off with the basics - Social Engineering. Bad guys are always changing and fine tuning the technology and techniques they are using.  However, as long as people understand the concepts of social engineering and what to look for, they will be able to identify and stop most online attacks, no matter how they change. As always, OUCH! is free to use and translated into over 25 languages. Download now and share this month's OUCH! with your family, friends and coworkers.

In addition, some of you have asked about the OUCH! license, specifically if you can distribute OUCH! as part of your security awareness program to employees, staff, customers or students. You are more than welcome and encouraged to distribute OUCH!, to include from your own website. The only limitation is you cannot modify or sell OUCH! Finally, the February edition of OUCH will be Staying Secure on the Road.

To learn more about building high-impact, mature security awareness programs, attend one of our upcoming MGT433 courses, webcasts or other events.