James Lyne

One a month, every month, the free OUCH! newsletter helps people better understand how to securely make the most of technology.  We want people to embrace what the Internet has to offer, but do it in a safe and secure manner.  For May we decided to introduce people to  Internet of Things (IoT).  IoT devices are quickly creeping into peoples' homes, without many realizing it.  We are also very fortunate to have one of the world's experts on IoT be our Guest Editor, James Lyne.  James is global head of security research at Sophos, a certified instructor at SANS Institute and a headline presenter at industry conferences. As always, OUCH! is free for everyone to use and is published in over 25 languages. Download now and share this month's OUCH! with your family, friends and coworkers.

In addition,  some of you have asked about the OUCH! license, specifically if you can distribute OUCH! as part of your security awareness program to employees, staff, customers or students.  You are more than welcome and encouraged to distribute OUCH!, to include from your own website.  The only limitation is you cannot modify or sell OUCH!