Two exciting announcements I wanted to share. 1.  First, the May edition of OUCH! is out.  This month we focus on how to safely dispose your old or unused mobile devices.  You would be stunned at how much private data your smartphone or tablet has, often far more then your laptop.  Yet people think of nothing selling their device on eBay or donating it to a charity.  We discuss these risks and how you can safely wipe your devices before disposing of it.  I learned alot from this month's newsletter, and awareness is my job!  As always, you are free to share these newsletters with your friends or use them in your own security awareness program. 2. Securing The Human just announced a new program just for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We know you often struggle with limited budgets.  That is why from June 01 to July 15 you have an opportunity to purchase our security awareness solution for up to 67% savings.  Train up to 750 people for just $3,000.  Learn more here at the SME program page.