4 cyber boxes

At SANS Securing The Human we are very excited to announce the release of  new security awareness training designed just for the ICS/SCADA community.  Our Subject Matter Expert Tim Conway goes into more detail on the training below.  You can learn more about the training (or take a demo) at our ICS Engineering website, or sign up for a webcast this Thursday, 3pm ET where our team discusses the training.

As Critical Infrastructure sectors continue to develop an increasing reliance on cyber components in operations, and implement systems that are more aware and interconnected than previously utilized, there is an associated growth in the number of individuals who need cybersecurity training to help defend against an the increasing cyber threat landscape.  While efforts have been underway to develop training programs and industry certifications to help those individuals in roles with direct cybersecurity responsibility over ICS environments, there has remained a need to arm those individuals who design, engineer, support, or operate the ICS environment with essential cyber security knowledge. The goal is not to transform all ICS engineers into cybersecurity practitioners, but rather to add cybersecurity to their thinking and start moving to an environment where we have cyber informed engineering.  Likewise, Operators and system support engineers already have extremely important roles in operating a real-time environment and any additional training needs to be specific role based cybersecurity training that will give them the ability to prevent, identify, and respond to cyber events directly associated with their job. 

With this in mind we took the approach of developing cybersecurity modules that focus on the cyber nature of Industrial Control Systems, as well as the main design and support drivers and constraints of these operating environments.  The training also provides knowledge on attacks and attacker approaches, as well as server and network defense approaches for operational systems, and best practices for maintaining operational system in a secure manner.  The training also provides some guidance on the all important aspect of maintaining operational plans that address information assurance and incident response plans, followed by a training module detailing an example cyber-attack against a fictitious organization.

These sector specific and role specific cyber security training modules have been developed to meet the training needs of those who play a very important role in protecting and defending these critical systems.  Delivered as a component of a larger organizational cyber security program, these Engineer specific modules, truly provide role specific education that will make a difference in how people in critical roles perform their jobs.