OUCH! 5/9/13

Earlier this week we released the latest edition of the OUCH! security awareness newsletter, "Passwords / Passphrases".  We explain in simple terms how you can create strong passwords using passhrases, and some simple steps to using them safely.  However with this release come some new changes we are excited about.

  • Updated Look:  We changed the look and format of OUCH! so its simpler to read (especially on computer screens) by moving to a single column format. The new version is also easier on printers as we use less color.
  • E-Book Support:  While tablets can read PDF documents, e-book files make reading documents easier and more interactive.  Starting this month, we now support EPUB format also.  You must have a tablet or e-book reader software to view this format.
  • Languages: We know and understand awareness is a global challenge, and as such translated OUCH! into multiple languages.  With May we have added Turkish and Urdu, bringing the total number of languages to twenty.

You can always find the latest version of OUCH! or subscribe to the OUCH! maillist by going to the OUCH Homepage.  If you have any suggestions or feedback on OUCH, we would love to hear from you at community@securingthehuman.org.  Thanks!