sans securing the app

A key step in any high-impact security awareness program is identifying WHO your targets are, whose behaviors do you want to change?  Different targets often require different or additional awareness training.  For example, technical people such as IT Staff and Web Developers not only require your organization's basic awareness training, but often additional, more skill focused awareness training.  This additional training is due to these individuals having highly privileged access, their actions and behaviors have a far more dramatic impact to your organization's security .  In fact, some standards such as FISMA/SP800-53 require additional awareness training for technical staff. To help organizations meet their more advanced awareness training needs we are excited to announce a new awareness solution just for Web Application Developers called Securing The App.  Web developers create your organization's business critical applications, often connected directly to the Internet, but often have little or no security training.  As a result, their lack of awareness can expose your organization to tremendous risk (SQL Injection anyone?).  Securing The App is two hours of high-impact, online training that focuses on the OWASP Top Ten web vulnerabilities.  This program ensures all your web developers have the same baseline of security training, focusing on the top ten most common web application risks.  Learn more or try out the entire training program for free at