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Technology, cyber threats, business requirements, and standards constantly adapt and change,  so to should your security awareness program.  At a minimum, to ensure the effectiveness of your awareness program you should update it at least once a year.  By update I mean a complete review of WHO you are targeting in your awareness program, WHAT are you teaching them (ultimately what behaviors are you attempting to change) and HOW you are communicating these lessons. At Securing The Human we go through this entire process not once but twice a year.  We just completed our second review of all our training materials for 2012, calling our new release the 2012.2 release.  For this review process we brought in 29 individuals to help review and update our entire training program, including our Board of Advisors, leading Subject Matter Experts, and existing customers.  Even though we actively update our training twice a year you would be amazed at how much content was changed, we had major updates for 16 existing modules, minor updates for 4 existing modules and added  6 new modules.  Those six modules were

  • The Cloud
  • Advanced Persistent Threat
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Data Retention
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations
  • FISMA Introduction

Following this update process we then went through all the materials and translated them into twenty-two languages.  Learn more about the new program and see examples of the new and updated training at our video demos page.