NCSAM button

As many of  you know, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and led by the folks at the National Cyber Security Alliance.  I wanted to share with you many of the great things they are doing starting next week.

  1. They created pre-written social media status updates for every day in October. You can find them at:
  2.  They have Twitter Chats each week throughout the month of October. Each chat is based on the different weekly themes of NCSAM (Week 1: STOP. THINK. CONNECT.; Week 2: Law Enforcement; Week 3: Businesses; Week 4: Cybersecurity Education) Chats will always be held on Thursdays at 3 p.m. ET. You can find a schedule of chats here:
  3. They have special NCSAM profile/cover photos to use on your Facebook/Twitter/Google + accounts to show your support.
  4. You can download their logo/web banners to display on your website/social media profiles:
  5. Their Get Involved sheets have great ways for everyone to get involved and are organized by audience. Feel free to distribute these to your employees and everyone else:
  6. They will be tweeting and live-blogging throughout the month at various events throughout the country, including our NCSAM Kick-Off Event on October 1 in Omaha, Nebraska. Facebook Live will also be streaming the event.
  7. You can sign up to Become a Champion:
  8.  The official hashtag of NCSAM is #ncsam. Please use this hashtag in your tweets during October.
  9. Follow them on Twitter (@STOPTHNKCONNECT and  @StaySafeOnline) for tips/resources/ways to get involved

And lets not forget our friends in Europe who have European Cyber Security Month, sponsored by good folks at ENISA.