As some of you already know, I teach a two day course called MGT 433 which focuses on how to build, execute and maintain a successful awareness program.  By successful I mean not only does the course ensure your awareness program is compliant but you effectively change user behaviors (and look good while doing it). The course covers
  • How to get budget and management support.
  • Determining WHO is the target of your program,
  • Determine WHAT you will teach them.
  • Determine HOW you will communicate the content.
  • Developing an execution plan.
  • Metrics to to track changes in behavior and success of your program.
  • Enforcement & improvement.
What students like most is during the class you design and document your own awareness program, from determining which topics are best for your organization to designing your own execution plan. I'll be teaching MGT 433 this 17/18 September at SANS Network Security.  What I'm very excited about also is we are doing a simulcast for this event, this is new technology that SANS has recently developed.  This means you can virtually attend my class and get the same training and benefit as if you were attending, but without having to leave home.  If you have questions about the class, how to register or virtually attend, ask me at