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We’re thrilled to release the enhanced SANS Phishing Training solution. Robust phishing training is one of many must-haves for security awareness training effectiveness. SANS Phishing Training is a simple and cost effective solution enabling you to effortlessly reach everyone in your organization.

SANS world class instructors and experts designed SANS Phishing Training to deliver multiple training modalities and seamlessly integrate with the Advanced Cybersecurity Learning Platform (ACLP).

What does this mean for you? By utilizing the enhanced Phishing Training you’ll be able to execute full phishing campaigns along with executing other security awareness training modules all within the platform. Additionally, you’ll be able to:

  • A new template editor - Build, customize and edit your own phishing templates to your heart’s content.
  • Schedule unlimited campaigns - Create campaigns and send them out to any group within your organization as you see fit. Target group for specific start and end times.
  • Tiered template structure - Utilize scores of pre-made templates organized into tiers of progressive complexity and difficulty for the learner. Train your organization to identify the most difficult to spot scams within email.

We found after analyzing data over the past three years for the annual SANS Security Awareness Report that time is one of the most important resources critical to the success of security awareness efforts.That’s why the SANS Phishing Training solution is specifically designed to make it easier and more efficient to run a phishing training program so you can have more impact with limited resources. Benefits for security awareness officers include:

  • Manage a phishing training program with ease
  • Measure success conveniently
  • Implement test emails in a straightforward manner
  • Target groups within your organization base by creating custom campaigns ranging in complexity, length, and template type.

Phishing Training Stops Cyber Threats

The most recent report from Verizon, Data Breach Investigations report states that phishing cyber attacks are one of the nine biggest methods of attack from the bad guys. You can prevent malicious software getting accidentally installed and other breaches occurring by properly training the learners in your organization to immediately recognize the signals in even the most complex of phishing attacks.

Remember though, phishing is only a part of the full set of learning behaviors an individual needs to have to in order to be pe prepared against other types of cyber attacks. We’ve purposely integrated our Phishing Training within our platform to make the creation and maturation of your security awareness program convenient. Everything is done from a single platform allowing you to see everything in just a few clicks.

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