Folks, I'm very excited to announce our first vLive MGT 433 course the weeks of July 23rd and 30th. vLive is when SANS Instructors teach a real class, but online so you can take it from the comfort of home or at work. Since the training is live, you interact real time with both the Instructor (me) and other students. MGT 433 is an intense two-day class that teaches you step-by-step how to build a new or improve an existing security awareness program for maximum impact. The class is based on the lessons learned from literally hundreds of organizations around the world, from as small as 100 people to as large as over 100 thousand people. Best of all, this class will be taught via vLive during the day. This means for folks in the US you can take it while at work, or for folks in Europe and Africa you can take the class from home in the evening. Learn more and sign-up now at the course vLive page.