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Folks, it is officially National Cyber Security Awareness Month (both in the States and in Europe) and we could not be more excited.  To help you, your family and your co-workers the SANS Securing The Human team has released a series of great resources for you to use and share.

1. Securing Your Kids Online:  This four minute security awareness video explains the key risks to your children online and the steps you can take to protect them.  To ensure the grandparents and other family members can benefit from this the security awareness video is provided in twenty-two languages.

2. Using Email and IM Securely:  This security awareness video explains how the most common email attacks work (including phishing, infected attachments, malicious links and scams) and how to spot and avoid them.

3. Webcasts:  We are hosting three, free webcasts over the course of October.

4. OUCH! Security Awareness Newsletter: We will be releasing the OUCH! newsletter later this week.  For October Guest Editor Heather Mahalik explains how to protect your smartphone and all your private information in case you lose your smartphone or it is stolen.

5. Special Promotion:  For a limited time you can purchase our entire security awareness training package for just $3,000 for up to 750 people.  A complete solution for just $4 a person.