We just released the June issue of OUCH!,  SANS' free security awareness newsletter.  This monthly newsletter has a dedicated editorial board, SANS Instructors as Subject Matter Experts and a community review board, so we like to think the content is rock solid.  In addition, we now translate OUCH! into ten languages, with new languages being added every month.  Our goal is to make awareness available to the global community.  This month we decided to focus on family security and how to secure your kids online.  At first this may sound like an odd topic for organization security topics, as it has little to do with securing organizational interests.  However I think there are two great benefits with topics this.
  1. This is something your employees will care about, how to protect their kids.  It shows that your organization cares about employees.  It also builds interest in your awareness program and keep your employees engaged.  They will want to learn more.
  2. By building security at home we can change people's behavior, it almost becomes part of their DNS. They should have the same security practices with technology regardless if they are at home or at work.