June OUCH! Newsletter

We are super excited to announce that the June edition of the OUCH! newsletter is out.  First, the world’s most trusted security awareness newsletter is now shorter, cleaner and more concise.  Think less newsletter and more like a fact-sheet.  In today’s high-tech world people have less and less time, they want to consume information in shorter sound bites.  OUCH! has been redesigned to meet that need.  In addition, OUCH! is now provided in both HTML and PDF format.  OUCH! continues to be free and supported in multiple languages.  Finally, the OUCH! newsletter will continue to use the same Creative Commons license it always has.  This means you can continue to distribute OUCH! to family, friends or even as part of your security awareness program to your workforce.  The only limitation is you cannot modify or sell OUCH!. You can always find the latest OUCH! newsletter and all past editions at its home: https://www.sans.org/security-awareness/ouch-newsletter.

For June, we focus on malware. Led by Guest Editor and malware expert Lenny Zeltser, we explain what Malware is, provide examples of different types and most importantly the key steps to stopping it. Download and share OUCH! with family, friends and co-workers.  If you have any questions or feedback on the new OUCH! design, we would love to hear from you!  Reach out to me at lspitzner@sans.org.