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“Managing human risk is among the top growing concerns with CISO and executives around the world.”
-Lance Spitzner, Director of Community and Research at SANS Security Awareness 

This first ever SANS Security Awareness Executive Report uniquely demonstrates to executives how they can become essential figures in their program’s overall success and maturity. Executives will be better equipped to guide their security awareness programs toward success and manage their organization’s biggest vulnerabilities.

The SANS Executive Security Awareness Report outlines steps leadership can take toward becoming an essential figure in the program’s success and maturity, including:

  • Establishing program goals
  • Program participation
  • Program staffing and organization
  • Program initiatives

“[The report] is one of the very few data-driven resources designed for leadership to not only better understand the problem, but to formulate the solution,” says Spitzner.

Drawing findings from 2018 Security Awareness Report, which enables security awareness professionals to make improvements in their awareness programs and benchmark their programs against others, key findings in this executive report show a clear correlation between support from executive leadership and program maturity. Ultimately, the more support from the top down that an awareness program has, the better the likelihood it has to offering consistent culture change.

The SANS Security Awareness Executive Report provides a unique, data-driven examination of the programs which address the human risk factors in cybersecurity today; it helps executives understand and support their programs and provides specific actions which will drive them forward,” explains Dan DeBeaubien, Product Director of SANS Security Awareness. 

This report highlights those steps, utilizing the Security Awareness Maturity Model© as a guide to identify an organization’s level of a program’s impact and how to measure human risk and change end-user behavior.`

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SANS Security Awareness Report for Executives

The 2019 SANS Security Awareness Survey is now open. Everyone from the security awareness industry is invited to complete this brief questionnaire, which aggregates the data to produce the annual SANS Security Awareness Report and also helped helped create this year’s SANS Security Awareness Executive Report.


While all respondents will be given early access and regular updates to the analysis of data and a sneak peek into the final report, early survey respondents to the survey will also be entered into a raffle to win an iPad.