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As you might have heard by now, Equifax was hacked and it’s up to you to take steps to protect yourself against identity theft. However, we’re here to help! We’ve collated some information from SANS Security Awareness here to help you get answers quickly.  The Economist recently wrote an article on identity theft, utilizing SANS Security Awareness Director, Lance Spitzner to weigh in on credit monitoring and how much work is involved in undoing the damage of identity theft. He says, “The best step is to establish a credit freeze at all of the Credit Bureaus...”.  Of course, there are other actions you can be taking to protect yourself, your family and your organization. We’ve identified ways you can protect yourself and your company through this blog post:

Awareness Officers - What to Communicate About the Equifax Hack

An archived webcast, hosted by Lance Spitzner giving you direct information on how this attack happened in the first place and your first steps to take to protect yourself:

What To Do About the Equifax Hack

A Q&A session following the special Equifax webcast to help you manage the fallout of this attack:

Equifax Webcast Follow-up - Your Questions Answered

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