I just saw a fascinating ten minute video on human motivation by RSA (no, not that RSA, the Royal Society of Arts).  The title of the video is RSA Animate - Drive, it focuses on human motivations in the workplace, especially in today's globally connected world.  The video is fascinating for two reasons.  First, how they use animation to tell the story.  The have high speed video of a person drawing the key points discussed in the presentation.  I'm a big fan of imagery, and not only is the concept but the imagery they use very powerful and creative.   Thumbs up! In addition, the key points of the video are also fascinating. Specifically how in today's information world, tasks at work that involve cognitive processes or creativity - money is not the primary motivation.  Money is obviously important, but once people are paid enough to meet their needs, what really motivates them is the ability to make a difference. In fact, at some point throwing more money at people actually brings productivity down. The video brings up several interesting examples, including opensource projects. After being involved with the Honeynet Project for over ten years, I can definitely agree with many points discussed. Anyways, I highly recommend you watch the video.  Not only will you learn something, but hopefully you may get ideas on how to improve presentations in the future (especially the idea of how to use imagery to convey your ideas).

Shouts out to Michael Hendrix for the link!