it security guy

Editor's Note: This guest blog post is from Kayti Harvey from Astrium. Quite early on we decided that for our IT Security Awareness program in the UK we wanted to adopt a slogan with an accompanying logo. It needed to be a slogan that would encourage users to feel included; “IT Security – you are at the centre of IT” was the final choice from a varied (and not always serious) list.  The next step was to pick a logo, and this is when we found Arthur. 

With the help of our design office for that final polish the Arthur logo was created.  I am still not sure how he ended up being named Arthur but if we go back in British legend he would have been a King with noble Knights gathered about his Round Table protecting all those in peril! Promoting Arthur included creating a range of branded gift items.  Such as lanyards, mouse mats, coasters, mugs, fluffy animal bugs and post-it notes.  We were careful to pick things that were of a good quality and could be useful at work so that they would stay in the office as a constant reminder.  To launch our new look intranet site we identified influential, helpful and senior users; each was sent a selection of our gifts along with a card displaying our new address. We decided to hold a competition within the IM department to come up with a new slogan for a Christmas campaign.

With various prizes and some very cheeky slogans, the overall winner was “Don’t make a gift of our data”.  This message was put onto tinsel glitter bugs in a range of colours. A bug was dropped onto every user’s desk in the UK as a Christmas present with a follow up email reminding users to take care over the festive period, both at work and at home. One of the major things we have learnt from our branding exercise was to canvas ideas from colleagues.  We get feedback on what works and how subtle changes can give a better impact.  We aren’t shy about involving different skills, Arthur v1 is quite different to today’s Arthur thanks to the graphical design team.   

As a result Arthur has given us a different access route into the user community, less formal yet effective because it is memorable.  Arthur shows that we are approachable and good humoured.  The company employs a diverse range of skills and cultures even within the UK. By picking a humorous character who could be “everyman” it has allowed the users to personally identify with him,  that this isn’t about someone else.   Arthur is the image that users recognise, which means they know what kind of information to expect when they see him and that it is good advice.   We see Arthur being with us for a while longer, we are not sure yet where we’ll go with son of Arthur; perhaps he should be called Lancelot?  Or even Merlin?

Kayti Harvey's BIO: Kayti moved into IT Security from the Astrium UK IT operational teams in 2011. Her role includes leading the user awareness training for the UK, a topic she is enthusiastic about, which unfortunately means she bombards her friends and family outside of work too! Since moving into IT Security Kayti has gained the CISM qualification and most recently attended the SANS Securing the Human course.