[Editor's Note: This guest blog post is from The Anonymous Kid.  He is a Junior High School student wanting to share his thoughts about what other kids his age should be aware of when playing games on-line. We thought it would be interesting to share a kids perspective to security awareness & training.] I bet that you play at least 1 game that can be played in public multiplayer. These games are highly popular and therefore are played by thousands of kids around the world. Sadly, not only kids play and operate these games. Teens and adults also play some of these games, targeting many other kids for harassment, hacking, or information about you parents. When playing games with open access to other people (voice chat, IM) take caution of other people. You may have heard this from other people but on the internet, people don't have to be who they say they are. Someone who looks harmless, has interests similar to you may have sent you an invite to be your friend. This person can say anything they want but without verification, they could be and adult who wants to make you feel bad or wants your personal information. Games are also an easy way to make a fake relationship with you to hurt you physically and emotionally. Giving out your personal contact such as e-mail, phone number, or address can let them give you images or videos that contain inappropriate content.