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Editor's Note: Graham Westbrook is the head of awareness at Geisinger Health System in PA/NJ . He is one of the speakers for the upcoming Security Awareness Summit 2/3 Aug in Nashville, TN. Below he gives an overview his upcoming talk on Gamification.

I entered the cybersecurity industry from the back door, you could say, having gone to school for intelligence analysis, penned foreign policy articles by night to pay rent and envisioned a long, spooky existence at some three-letter agency. At some point, I realized old cloak-and-dagger spycraft was giving way to a new digital arms race that didn’t require a trench coat.

Fast forward a few years and I’m leading the user awareness effort at Geisinger Health System, which employs somewhere north of 30k employees. Early on, I discovered the task would be less about cybersecurity bible-thumping and more about cybersecurity culture-making. Deadpan compliance initiatives and Powerpoint presentations had taken their toll on our workforce. Security complacency was as much a part of the cultural fabric as coffee breaks. And I observed a distinct lack of urgency in a fight, it was obvious, we weren’t winning. My talk will center on how we transformed this cultural complacency through gamification and how you can do the same. You will learn how to:

  • Build your own gamified program to wage culture-change
  • "Rock the cultural boat" to awaken, motivate and sustain this new culture
  • Measure the impact of gamification and communicate it to leadership
  • Avoid the top three mistakes to getting started

See you Aug 2/3 in Nashville!

Bio: Intelligence analyst by training and cybersecurity analyst by trade, Graham merges the disciplines to run the threat intelligence and user awareness programs at Geisinger Health System in PA/NJ. Past experience includes time with a defense contractor, foreign policy firm and a Nashville-based tech company.