SANS Security Awareness Summit 2018

We are super excited to announce that the CFP (Call for Presentations) is now open for the 5th annual Security Awareness Summit held 8/9 August in Charleston, SC.  This event is the largest in the world dedicated for security awareness professionals.  We are looking for people who are actively involved in helping organizations build, maintain or measure security awareness programs and can share real-world stories and lessons learned on how they propelled an awareness program to the next level. Our goal is that attendees walk away with actionable lessons they can apply right away to their own organization. Please submit your CFP using our online submission form and submit no later than Monday, March 5, 2018.

Why Present at the Summit?

  • Promotion of your speaking session and company recognition via the Security Awareness Summit website, social media and all printed material
  • Access to a friendly, supportive environment to develop and enhance your public speaking skill
  • Complimentary Summit attendance for speaker and a guest

SANS does not cover travel or hotel expenses for speakers, but we do reserve a block of rooms at a special rate. We also serve a light breakfast, full lunch, and snacks on both Summit days.

What are some potential topics for presentations?

This summit is focused on real-world experiences, not theory. We want to hear your stories (both successes and failures) about what you did, your action’s impact and how attendees can apply your lessons learned. The talk submissions most likely to be selected are those focused on a specific topic that have a clear, easy to understand description, and have at least three specific action items / learning objectives for attendees.

  • Metrics: How did you measure and communicate the impact of your awareness program? Did you measure behaviors, culture or something else? How did you communicate those results and how did you define success?
  • Ambassador Program: Leveraging people throughout your organization to help promote and communicate your program.
  • Little Budget / Big Impact: Most programs are challenged by having minimal budgets, how did you make the most of your resources? How were you able to create a big impact and how did you know you had made an impact?
  • Leadership Support: How do you get leadership to buy into and support your program – both short and long term.
  • Gamification: How to start a simple gamification program on limited budget / resources.
  • Special Events That Work: How to host an event that has an impact that you can measure, such as hacking demos, event booths or escape rooms?
  • Changing Culture: What is culture to you, how did you change it, how did you know you changed it?
  • Collaboration Success Stories: How did you build relationships and collaborate with other key departments, such as Communications, Human Resources, Legal or others?
  • Branding / Messaging: How did you develop a key message that resonated with people? How did you understand your culture and how did that drive your brand or message?
  • Tailored Training: How did you develop training targeted at different teams/roles/departments that had different cultures and requirements?
  • Phishing / Assessment Simulations: What are the latest advances in Phishing or similar assessment simulations such as Vishing, Smishing or Social Engineering phone calls?

The deadline for CFP submissions is Monday, March 5 and all submissions must be made through our online form.  Please contact with questions.