Okay, I'm going to take a break for a moment from security awareness  and discuss something I'm very passionate about, the Honeynet Project. This is an international, volunteer organization of security researchers dedicated to sharing information and findings on cyber threats.  The group is also the leader in many of the latest honeypot developments.  They recently kicked off a series of Forensic Challenges, these are real attacks on real systems you can to analyze.  As part of the challenge you can even submit your analysis to be judged by experts in this field.  You then can compare (and learn from) the analysis of your peers.  This is a great and rare opportunity to develop your incident response capabilities.  Learn more at

Honeynet Project Forensic Challenges

On a side note, the Honeynet Project was also accepted for Google's Summer of Code program.  If you are interested in getting involved in helping develop the latest in honeypot technology, check out what they have to offer.  The Honeynet Project was involved last year with a total of 11 projects.