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We are super excited to announce the Call for Presentations for the 3rd Annual European Security Awareness Summit to be held 6/7 December, 2017 in London. This is the largest event of its kind bringing security awareness officers and industry experts from around the world together to learn and share from each other the latest challenges, lessons learned and solutions in changing human behavior, and ultimately creating a secure culture. This community driven event is extremely interactive, we know and understand that only by working together can we address the human challenge. Submissions for talks are due by Friday, 28 July, download full details for the CFP here. What is in it for you as a speaker.

  • Promotion of your speaking session and company recognition via the Security Awareness Summit website, social media and all printed materials
  • Full conference badge to attend all Summit sessions
  • One additional complimentary Summit guest pass
  • Friendly, supportive environment to develop your public speaking skills

Suggested Topics

We are looking for real security awareness professionals to share their stories and lessons learned. We do not want talks based on theories, but real experiences you can share. The end goal is for attendees to take home action items they can apply right away to their awareness program.

  • Metrics: How did you measure and communicate the success of your program? How did you define success?
  • Ambassador Program: Leveraging people throughout your organization to help promote and communicate your program.
  • Little Budget / Big Impact: Most programs are challenged by having minimal budgets, how did you make the most of your resources? How were you able to create a big impact and how did you know you had an impact?
  • Leadership Champions: How do you get senior leadership / board members to buy into and support the program — both short and long term.
  • Soft Skills: What soft skills are most important for a security awareness professional. How can an individual develop those skills?
  • Gamification: How to start a simple gamification program on limited budget / resources.
  • Special Events That Work: How to host an event that has an impact that you can measure.
  • Changing Culture: What is culture to you, how did you change it, how did you know you changed it?
  • Collaboration Success Stories: How did you build relationships and collaborate with other key departments, such as Communications, Human Resources, Legal or others?
  • Branding / Messaging: How did you develop a key message that resonated with people? How did you understand your culture and how did that drive your brand or message?
  • Tailored Training: How did you develop targeted training at different teams/roles/departments that had different cultures and requirements?