European Security Awareness Summit

I'm super excited to officially announce the Call For Papers for the European Security Awareness Summit to be held in London on Friday, 11 November.  If you are actively involved in building your security awareness program, or you have expertise and experience in helping others build their programs, we want to hear from you.  We are looking for real world practitioners who can share their lessons learned.   If you are interested in speaking at the summit, check out the Call For Papers page.

In addition we have two new classes which will be hosted at the summit.  The first is James Lyne's new two day class SEC567: Social Engineering.  This intense course walks you through all the latest techniques in how cyber criminals, penetration testers and others hack the human element.  The second course is my two day course MGT433: How to Build, Maintain and Measure a Mature Security Awareness Programs. I can't wait to see you all in London!