Apologies go out to Richard Beach, we missed his entry for the Security Awareness Sticker challenge.  While it is too late to judge his entry, I've added it to the challenge submissions document and listed it below.  By the way be sure to check out his website on security awareness at www.8thlayersecurity.com, Richard has some good ideas posted there.
  1. My sticker would be like the one in my poster in the link below but would have writing on it along the lines of "Here is a really long sticky for your really long password..." It would of course be yellow. The desired behaviour is of course to encourage long passwords. To stop people actually writing their password on it there could be fine print under the large text "Don'tBeAnIdiot.com", or the sticker could be really glossy so pen or pencil won't work. http://www.8thlayersecurity.com/8th-layer-blog/here-s-an-awareness-activity-to-stamp-out-sticky-notes-