RSA Conference Parent workshop

As some  of you know, the folks at RSA Conference have  a philanthropic program called CyberSmart Kids.  Started last year, the goal of this program is to leverage the 35,000+ cyber security professionals that attend RSA every year and help secure today's online kids. Called "I'm In R U", if every one of us attending RSA  were to reach out to one local church, classroom or club about how to secure kids online, the impact would be huge.  If you will be at RSA Conference next month, stop by and learn more at their Cybersafety Village.  I know I'll be there.

In addition, this  year the folks at RSA Conference are growing the program even more, they are hosting their first ever one day workshop just for parents in San Francisco on 28 Feb.  Parents can come learn from industry experts what are the top risks to their kids, and how they can teach their kids to leverage technology safely and securely.  The workshop is two hours long and will be hosted twice that day.  To learn more and register for the event, please visit the workshop site.