2019 SANS Summit

The SANS Security Awareness Summit takes place this year in San Diego, August 7th and 8th. It continues to be one of the largest and most interactive global gatherings of security awareness professionals. Packed within this two-day Summit are expert awareness-focused talks, interactive discussions, networking events, and so much more.

Take the opportunity to learn from real industry practitioners as they effectively outline how to manage and measure human risk. The innovative ideas from the Show-n-tell booths and Video Wars events can be used as a way to build up your network with peers from around the world.  

As you sit down to make plans for the summit and set your schedule, remember there is not only a new, optional 3rd half-day, but you can also register to attend a dynamic set of SANS courses scheduled before and after the summit. Here are brief descriptions of each course in the effort toward managing your human risk:

  • MGT512: Security Leadership Essentials for Managers: This five-day class combines the world of management and security, providing you an overview of the many different domains security leadership deals with.  If you’re looking to bridge better communication with your CISO or other security leaders, this is fantastic class to take.
  • SEC301: Introduction to Cyber Security: Also a five-day course, it is the most introductory of the SANS technical courses. Develop the foundational understanding of the different technologies and technical controls in cybersecurity.  If you do not have a technical background, and you want to be able to better communicate with your security geeks, this is a fantastic course to take.
  • SEC440: Critical Security Controls:  If your organization uses the Center for Internet Security's Critical Controls framework, this two-day class will cover everything you need to know.  It is an excellent course if you want strengthen your relationship with your audit and compliance teams or leadership at your organization.
  • SEC487: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT):  One of the newest fields for security awareness, not only is OSINT one of the primary techniques many cyber attackers leverage for human based attacks, but it can also be used as a powerful training tool, especially for your leadership.
    MGT 433
  • MGT433: Build a Mature Awareness Program:  This course sells out at every summit, so the class is will be taught twice, before and after the summit. If you or a coworker want to take this class, I suggest you register soon. This two-day class provides a through walkthrough of the fundamentals behind building a mature security awareness program. In addition to key concepts taught, this class will also include interactive team labs and hands-on exercises to help develop a security awareness strategy to bring back to your organization. 


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