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Like many of you, I am preparing for the chaos called RSA as over 20,000 security geeks descend upon San Francisco.  What I love about the RSA conference is the amazing opportunity to meet up with long lost friends and make new ones.  The challenge is staying sane while doing it amidst the crowds and chaos.  At RSA I'll be teaching a two day class, presenting two talks on human metrics and sitting in a panel.  If you are in town and want to meet up to chat about security awareness, shoot me an email.  I would love to learn about the challenges you are facing with the human element and some of the ways you are approaching it.  Contact me at  Hope to see you there.

Updated:  Forgot to add, if you are at RSA and would like a copy of the new "Don't Get Hacked" poster I'll have a bunch with me.  Just contact me and when we meet up I'll be happy to give you a couple of copies.