I just finished my two day class on building high-impact awareness programs.  One of the things we discussed in class is Outgoing cultures versus Conservative cultures.  Outgoing organizations tend to have younger employees and be very open minded on how you can communicate, organizations such as technology companies, marketing companies or universities.  Conservative organizations tend to be very restrictive on how you can communicate your awareness program, organizations such as financials, government, defense industry or energy. I was recently at Facebook headquarters where I got a chance to see how an Outgoing culture approaches awareness.  In fact, you could say Facebook is about as an outgoing organization you can work at.  The creativity there was amazing.  Walls are stripped bare so anyone can write or paint on them.  Instead of having the typical, corporate cubicle look, Facebook headquarters has the feel of a half-completed warehouse.  One of the challenges FB faces is they cannot communicate using methods that have a corporate feel or 'smell' to it.  As such, instead of typical newsletters or webcasts, you have randomly drawn notes on the wall,  free stickers, Facebook wall postings or even internal hack-o-thons.  All very exciting stuff. So, what type of culture do you have, and what communication methods work best for your organization?