Cathy Click

Editor's Note: Cathy Click is the Project Manager/Event Coordinator for the Security Awareness program at FedEx. She is one of the speakers for the upcoming US Security Awareness Summit in San Francisco August 3/4. Below she discusses her talk on building a security awareness conference.

How do you bridge the gap between having employees with security awareness knowledge they want to share and employees that need the knowledge and don’t know who to ask? Create your own, internal security conference. For the past 7 years I have been building such events for FedEx, with great success.  What started as a one-day conference of 18 informational sessions given by subject matter experts has grown to a popular 2-day conference with over 36 topics and 2 keynote speakers. I will share with you the tools I use to keep organized over a year with monthly accomplishment goals and key lessons learned to build success events. Take away from the presentation how to -

  • Get personal – it’s all about “you”
  • Categorize – organize topics in tracks to create comfort
  • Bait the hook – methods to bring in the crowds
  • Think outside the box – looking beyond the obvious
  • Re-use – getting the most bang for your buck

Come join us at the Security Awareness Summit on 3/4 August for an amazing opportunity to learn from and share with each other. Activities include show-n-tell, 306 Lightening Talks, video wars, group case studies and numerous networking activities. Learn more and register now for the Summit.  

Bio: A security-aware culture is often one of the largest challenges for many enterprises. Cathy has experience in this specific area with demonstrated knowledge of building security awareness content and executing effective awareness programs. Her design and marketing background along with 13 years of Information Security project management has given her the unique ability to understand technical information and communicate it to non-technical employees. She is an innovative marketing and awareness adviser that creates awareness strategy and runs national and global campaigns for FedEx information security. Her programs focus on the importance of information security awareness, procedure, and best practices.