Angela Pappas

Editor's Note: Angela Pappas is the Director of Information Security Training and Awareness at Thomson Reuters. She is one of the speakers for the upcoming Security Awareness Summit in San Francisco, 3/4 August. Below she discusses her upcoming talk on ambassador programs and the power of leveraging employees.

Not so long ago I was new to my role of director, information security awareness and training. It didn’t take long to realize I and my colleague couldn’t solely educate every employee about the role they play to help safeguard our assets, keep us operationally effective and ensure our reputation stays intact. Because Thomson Reuters employs approximately 64,000 staff and contractors in over 100+ countries, the global nature of our organization handed us big challenges when it came the core purpose of our jobs: reaching all employees with information security messages and minimizing risk through a ‘secure aware’ mindset and behavior.

This situation may be all too familiar for you. Perhaps you are in an information security awareness role where you're charged with educating many people in many different places. Does it every feel daunting to know you’re responsible for making sure everyone knows they play a role in keeping your organization safe and secure and are doing their job as the ‘human firewall'? We knew we couldn’t do it alone, so we developed an information security ambassador program. If you’re not sure what that means then just imagine an environment where there are liaisons of your information security group, non-information security staff who are eager and excited to volunteer their time as an information security ambassador. As an ambassador, each volunteer educates employees, builds awareness and influences secure behaviors. My talk will focus on how you can create your own ambassador program. I’ll discuss how you can:

  • Determine the key components of  ambassador program
  • Decide the topics to include in an ambassador program
  • Identify employees who want to volunteer their time as ambassadors and how to keep them motivated and engaged
  • Scale and continuously improve

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BIO: Angela’s worked in the IT field 19 years and with Thomson Reuters since 2000. She was a technical writer before moving into various leadership roles related to technical writing and training, process improvement and software development. In 2009, Angela moved to the information security risk management organization where she managed customer assurance responsibilities. In 2012 Angela assumed her current role as director, training and awareness, where she now focuses on an ambassador program, communications and marketing, and eLearning. Angela is most inspired when she engages and connects with others on a common purpose, leverages her interpersonal & collaboration skills, and optimizes the organizations’ core values in order to educate employees, change behavior and reduce risk.