Brenda Ianiro

Editor's Note: Brenda Ianiro is the Training, Education, & Awareness Manager at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  She is one of the speakers for the upcoming Security Awareness Summit in San Francisco, 3/4 August. Below she discusses her upcoming talk on building an October Cyber Fest.

CYBER SECURITY?. . .AWARENESS?. . .B O R R R R I N G! - This may have been the reaction from many cyber security personnel and frankly our user population--so the challenge is HOW do we get computer users (virtually all of our population) interested in cyber security, its risks to our institution, and  build employee vigilance and secure computer behaviors?  When it's not THEIR job, mandatory training is excessive, and we have a distributed information system security network, we needed to look at a new way of grabbing people's time and attention to become aware of risks to them, to the information they work with, and to our national security.

Besides the annual user training, online news articles, and phishing exercises, it was time to change the tide of involvement to pique interest in the perceived "borrrring" subject!  Historically, to celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we sponsored in-service talks at an institutional level using mostly in-house speakers. . .soooo. . .the idea of inviting vendors to show their wares and speak to the services they supply us, the cyber security challenges we face, and futuristic ideas to consider--October Cyber Fest was born.

October Cyber Fest becomes a win-win solution--not only do we get supreme audience engagement whereby users can view new and existing cyber ware, ask questions, get a feel for the importance of their cyber habits on a personal and business level--we get a true partnership with internal and external customers, as the Cyber Security Program cannot exist or do our jobs without vendor tools, services, and education.  SANS Institute is a perfect example of vendor support we receive each year.  We now have users as well as vendors who look forward to the annual Cyber Fest event in October!  From this lightening talk, you will find examples from the live event, templates you can use to plug into your own event plans, and an easy and effective way to coordinate a coveted event at your workplace!  Plus you can ask questions, challenge the ideas, or make suggestions to improve such an event--I look forward to sparking some interest!

Come join us at the Security Awareness Summit for an amazing opportunity to learn from and share with each other. Activities include show-n-tell, 306 Lightening Talks, video wars, group case studies and numerous networking activities. Learn more and register now for the Summit.

Bio:  I have the pleasure of working with brilliant LLNL computer engineers and scientists whose job is to protect the information systems, equipment, and information in a safe and secure manner within the U.S. Department of Energy requirements.  I design and deliver cyber security training and educational components for employee professionalism and growth and awareness information and activity toward vigilant cyber behavior. My work experience in public education, private industry, and the public sector has given me a broad spectrum of audience appeal to drive more successful outcomes in business, industry, and education.  I hold a bachelor's degree in Education, Bowling Green State University/University of Madrid, Franklin-Covey facilitator, ISO9001, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, and various leadership, instructional design, customer, facilitator, and quality certifications.