Escape Room EU Security Awareness Summit

Editor's Note: Matt House and Scot Fackler are part of the security team at FedEx. They are one of the speakers for the upcoming Security Awareness Summit 6/7 December in London. Below they give an overview of their Security Awareness Escape Room Workshop.

Have you ever noticed sleepy eyes and nodding heads when you talk about basic security principles? How about providing a fun security awareness emersion that is presented as a game? In this presentation we provide you with the building blocks to produce your own Security Awareness Escape room that is designed to be an interactive exercise providing participants with a challenging fun task, all while teaching them common security mistakes and fallacies. Participants are given a fictitious scenario of impending doom that can be thwarted by solving a series of unique puzzles within a 60-minute time frame. Each puzzle is designed around a particular common security best practice giving the participants the ability to exploit it and break through a layered security structure to the end goal. The exercise is set up in a beat-the-clock fashion that allows for time constraints and heightened focus.

Our workshop will include a working example of the escape concept as well as pointers on puzzles, scenario development, scripting, tools, as well as challenges and pitfalls. This will be an interactive fun time in a train-the-trainer format that will enable you to design and develop your own Security Awareness Escape Room. Be the life of your next event. We will even set aside time for in-depth Q&A to help you along with unique challenges in your environment. In fact, there could have been a hint for one of the clues that will be used at the event in this description.... you never know. See you in London 6/7 December!

Bio: Scot Fackler - FedEx Information Security: Scot has worked for FedEx since 2000 and has over 30 years in IT with the last 25 specializing in IT asset management, data protection, authentication services, threat Intelligence, CIRT management, data analytics, network control, security operations, investigative analysis, compliance adherence, and enterprise process refinement. He is married with 4 children and 5 grandchildren. As a veteran of the US Coast Guard, Red Cross disaster volunteer, and active member of Bikers Against Child Abuse, he spends his free time working to help and protect the innocent.