One of the best examples of awareness and education changing behaviors may not be found in our community (security) but in healthcare.  As I posted yesterday, we have few examples of security awareness changing behaviors because to be honest so few organizations have tried (most security awareness programs focus on compliance).  However healthcare is different.  For years now a challenge the healthcare community has been facing is HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections).  HAI is when patients become infected during their stay at hospitals, often due to doctors or nurses not following certain procedures.  Over the years the health care community has addressed these issues by changing behaviors through education and awareness.  In fact, John Hopkins has developed an entire framework (called CUPS) used by healthcare to change behaviors and address issues such as HAI. They are starting to see signifigant results.  For example the 2010 Tennesee Center for Patient Safety Annual Report documents how their state wide awareness  program saved over 30 lives, 6,2000 patient days and $12.3 milllion in healtcare costs.  Or how John Hopkins was able to reduce ICU infections by 90% over an 18 month period.  To see just how effective awareness programs can be, perhaps we should be looking at our partners in healthcare.