Folks, we are uber excited to announce the launch of SANS' Advanced Cybersecurity Learning Platform (ACLP).    One of the key lessons we learned from over our 1,000 customers, our Security Awareness Summits and the annual Security Awareness Report is that changing behavior is hard.   Many  organizations do not know the path to take to success, some do not even know what success looks like.  In addition, the vast majority of awareness officers lack the time and resources to be successful.  In fact, many of awareness officers are only part time. We quickly saw a need for an adaptable solution that automates the process of building, maintaining and measuring your awareness program.  That is precisely what the ACLP does.

Think of the ACLP as your Learning Management System, but much, much more.  It helps you with the planning process by identifying your top human risks, the different roles you need to train and what they should be trained on.  It helps maintain your program by automating who you communicate with and when, reporting on their progress and mapping out your next steps.  Finally you have the ability to measure your program, to include Knowledge Assessments, Cultural Surveys and a new phishing platform built from the ground up to integrate with the ACLP.

The best thing about the platform is this is only the beginning.  It was designed from the ground up to be flexible and powerful, which means we will continually be adding new features and functionality.  Stay tuned as we share more in the future about how the ACLP can make your life easier and your program more effective.