Martine van de Merwe

Editor's Note: Martine van de Merwe is a security awareness trainer in healthcare / IT auditor, and is the founder of PrivacyLab. She is one of the speakers for the upcoming European Security Awareness Summit in London 11 Nov. Below she discusses her talk on accelerated learning.

How often does this happen to you? You’re about to attend a training or seminar and the topics seem really interesting so you’re excited to start. Then the training turns out to be a whole lot of talking, more talking and even more talking, without activities and without participation from the group of participants. You actually start wondering why you are being referred to as a "participant" since there’s so little to participation. Already sounds familiar?

How about when a trainer is too much focused on the data in itself and not on the way to deliver it, while losing the room and getting out of touch with the group. Not being able to manage the energy in the group and not acknowledging people for their contribution, sometimes even discouraging participation by telling people they are giving the wrong answers. And at last what about a trainer who is not able to address different communication styles and modalities for different types of learners (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, etc.).

Are you afraid that your trainings will be like this? No need! During my talk I will provide insights in accelerated learning and show methods to appeal to different kinds of learners, to keep participation high and to improve training results. By using a variety of methods you can make sure learners will be actively involved and actually learn more in a shorter timeframe. In my 10 minute lightning talk I will walk you through the perks of accelerated learning and show you how to apply the techniques in your own trainings.   After my talk you will be able to better understand the advantages of Accelerated Learning in your program, to include:

  • Dramatically reduce learning time while covering more material
  • Improve training results by getting learners actively involved
  • Cut course design time from weeks to hours
  • Bring the joy of learning back into training

Let’s make training great again! I look forward to seeing you at the conference and discuss all of this!

BIO:  Martine van de Merwe is a security awareness trainer in healthcare / IT and founder of PrivacyLab. Martine believes privacy is essential to freedom. The more someone knows about you, the more power he has over you. People are key to ensure privacy. Although you can have a lot of technical controls, if the people don’t get it, it won’t work. That’s why Martine decided in 2014 to focus on security awareness in healthcare and started her own business PrivacyLab. The PrivacyLab approach focuses on engaging training methods so people really get involved in information security. With some decades of experience in IT advisory and IT auditing Martine knows what she’s talking about. Martine is co-founder of the Dutch security awareness community (with over 170 members) serving both the SANS Securing the Human community in the Netherlands and the Dutch Security Culture Framework User Group as well as any other security awareness professional who wants to be inspired by knowledge sharing colleagues.