Security Awareness Summit Aug 2/3

Folks, we just added several new courses for the Security Awareness Summit in Nashville on 2/3 August.  You may not realize it, but with the summit you can take classes also.  The reason I'm telling you now is I'm concerned three of these classes will sell out FAST.  If you are interested in any one of these courses start thinking now about registering several months in advance.

  • MGT433: Securing The Human: This is our two day course on building awareness programs.  If a person is new to the world of security awareness this is where they want to start.  This class consistently sells out 1-2 months before every summit.  Last year it had a wait list of 10 people who could not attend.
  • SEC567: Social Engineering: I'm recommending this two day course for people who have already taken my class but want to take something more advanced.  This is a technical class on how to socially engineer / attack an organization.  Its designed for Pen Testers but can be an excellent resource for more advanced security awareness officers.   It will be taught by Dave Shackleford, one of SANS' top instructors.  He is one of the few guys out there who has more energy than me when teaching.  Yes, I'm serious.
  • MGT305: Communication and Presentation Skills for Security Professionals:  Just as the title sounds, this is a one day course to help you develop your softer skills.  It is being taught by David Hoeltzer, he is once again, one of the best instructors we have.

All three of these class are BEFORE the summit, so you can only pick one of them. What we are trying to do is add more value to the summit by offering additional learning opportunities if you want to take advantage of it.  For the hard core there are an additional 5-6 day courses after the event also.