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At SANS Securing The Human our goal is to ensure you have the most effective training possible.  To do that we are constantly reviewing and updating  our training. The people involved in these updates  include SANS Senior instructors, Subject Matter Experts, customers and community members.  After six months of intense work we just released the 2015  update to our STH.EndUser training.  This is our biggest update ever and we could not be more excited.  Here is a quick overview of some of the most important changes.

  1. Over 50% of our content was re-written from scratch.  The reasons for  these changes range from adding new learning objectives and the latest attack examples to minor changes to wording to ensure the content is easier  to understand.  Many of these changes were driven by requests from customers.
  2. The training  videos now alternate between a female and male voice.  These changing voices create a more engaging program.
  3. We updated the animation to have a much softer feel as we move to brighter   colors  and softer imagery.  In addition our animation team has been hard at work and has taken our video animation to a new level that  will truly engage your staff.
  4. We completely re-wrote and re-designed the support materials for all 43 modules.   The support materials package includes  a newsletter and poster for each module, to help reinforce the key lessons learned from the video training.
  5. We completely re-wrote every quiz question for every module.  In addition, each training module now has a pool of five quiz questions.
  6. And of course, we did all of this while supporting 28 languages.

You can find a detailed report of what was changed and why in our Module Descriptions document. We now  provide two versions of the Module Descriptions document.  One is a easy-to-read PDF that is great for sharing with management.  The other version is in Excel format which you can share and edit with your Steering Committee to help you determine which modules are the best fit  for your security awareness program.