How it Works

SANS Security Awareness offers deep discounts twice a year. The upcoming availability for the discounted training is available from June 1st – July 31st 2018. All training must be purchased within this time frame to take advantage of the discount pricing.

Training Programs Available

A variety of training programs are available depending on your organization’s needs. For more in-depth overview please go to the product specific pages to learn more about modules and materials offered.

End User

Globally relevant, highly interactive training covering the latest cyber threats. Training includes assessments, quizzes and gamified content. 


A large variety of private information and patient data are a large source of cyber attacks. Get your  healthcare organization trained to protect any personally identifiable information.


Covers the latest in secure coding techniques for web application development. Reduce the chances your organization becomes a victim of a breach by developing secure code from the ground up. 


Designed to meet the needs of the electric industry and anyone with responsibilities for CIP compliance. This program covers all levels of organizational hierarchy. 


Covers anyone focuses on Industrial Control Systems. Focuses on security behaviors to protect engineers and the systems they operate.

Build a Quote Process

To build out a quote for your organization, you will be asked to click through each tab in the product configurator in order to configure your training program and build a quote.  Our training program includes the training videos listed above as well as access to digital support materials that can be branded to fit your organization’s needs. We also include:

                          - Subscription to our OUCH! monthly newsletter.

                          - Access to the highly communicative, vendor-neutral Security Awareness Community.

How to Build Out a Quote

The tabbed section below is laid out to reflect the experience of the product configurator and to explain the selection/configuration process.

When you begin the actual product configurator you will need to click on each tab in order to select the products and services you desire.

IMPORTANT – At this time, we do not save your product configuration.  If you would like to have a copy of the configuration/quote for your records, please download a copy of your quote.  You may repeat this process as many times as you like.

If you are ready to make a purchase, after you prepare a price quote, you may create and invoice to complete your purchase process.


First, you will need to select your license term for your program.  You may choose a one, two, or three year license term. 

After you have selected your license term, click the next tab heading to select your training product.

On this tab you are asked to select the training content for your program.  You are able to select more than one type of training content.  For example, you may select EndUser and Phishing if you desire by holding Control/Command click.

You will also need to specify the number of users for each type of training content.

EndUser – Globally relevant, highly interactive training covering the latest cyber threats.

Healthcare –Train your organization to protect any Protected Health Information (PHI) from getting into the hands of attackers. 

Developer – Teach the latest in secure coding techniques for developers.

Engineer – Training focuses on security behaviors to protect engineers and the systems they operate.

NERC CIP – Designed to meet the needs of the electric industry and anyone with responsibilities for CIP compliance.

After you have selected your training content and number of users, click the next tab to select your hosting type.

Next, you need to select how you would like your learners to access the CBT content.  Through the configurator, you may select either to have the CBT distributed via our learning management system or your own learning management system.

Note:  If you selected Phishing, Phishing must be delivered via our LMS. The product configurator will account for this even if you selected your own LMS for the CBT content.

SANS Advanced Cybersecurity Learning Platform
Our learning management system is offered at no additional cost. Passwords and set up are provided with the purchase of your Security Awareness training program. You will be able to set up your training through our platform and learners will be able to log in, access their assigned training and other learning activities.

Your Own Learning Management System (LMS)
Our training is available to host on your organization’s learning management system. Select this option, Client LMS Platform, if you’d prefer not to use the SANS platform.

After you have selected your hosting option, click the next tab to select your edition.

After you’ve decided which hosting platform will work best for your organization’s needs, the next step is to determine which edition of the hosting platform you would like. There are editions for the SANS hosting platform or for your own platform. Read through each description to figure out which edition suits your organization best:

SANS ACLP Core Edition
This Cored Edition is the standard edition of your training. Choosing this Edition will provide you with our standard training feature set, which includes a single domain, user import and management, standard reporting and a number of customizable features. You can use organizations to group and assign training to your learners.  You’ll also have access to a standard quiz question pack and quick start tutorial pack. 

SANS ACLP Enhanced Edition
With the Enhanced Edition you’ll have everything available in the core edition, PLUS advanced role- and rule-based training, Single Sign On (SSO) and the ability to add domains (assessed on a case-by-case basis). 

Client LMS Enhanced Edition
If you have your own Learning Management System (LMS) you may want to select this Enhanced Edition. It includes a number of options that fit the needs of your organization’s LMS, such as custom passing requirements, two branded custom curricula (up to 18 modules in a single language), and some technical support. You’ll be able to edit the number of quiz questions (from 0 to 5), and add additional branding to menu screens. 

After you have selected your edition, click the next tab  to select add on Phishing.

Phishing training is crucial ensure to a complete security awareness program. SANS Security Awareness offers a complete phishing package to help train learners about the common attack methods cyber criminals utilize to gain information about your organization. Our phishing training includes our tiered template method to train learners at any comprehension level and offers a variety of preparation materials to kick-off and manage.

In order to add the Phishing Simulation to your training program, you will need to make two selections:

  1. Enter the number of users you would like to train with the Phishing Simulation
  2. Because the Phishing Simulation product is hosted on the SANS ACLP learning management system, you will need to select which edition of the ACLP you prefer.*  

SANS ACLP Core – Phishing Simulation
With Core Phishing, you will be able to create and assign phishing campaigns to learners by Organization within a single domain.  You will have access to our standard report library and will be able to customize your phishing campaigns and landing pages.  

SANS ACLP Enhanced - Phishing Simulation
With Enhanced Phishing, you will have all the capabilities of Core, plus the ability to assign role- and rule-based phishing campaigns.  You will also get the advanced reporting tool and the ability to use more than one domain.  

*Reminder, even if you selected to host the CBT content on your own LMS, phishing will be hosted on the SANS ACLP.

After you have selected to add phishing, click the next tab to select a service level.

Depending upon your security awareness goals, your own resources, and your experience, you may want to use our Client Success Team as a force multiplier.  Our Client Success Managers have years of experience designing, managing, and reporting on security awareness programs.  Select the level of service that best meets your needs.

Standard Service Level
With this package, provided at no extra cost, you get help desk support and our Security Awareness Success Took Kit, which includes a program roll-out schedule, role-based pre-defined curriculum guide, and sample notification templates.  You will also become a member of our Security Awareness Community and receive 10% discounts on both our MGT433 class and our Security Awareness Summit.

Program Service Level
Program Service Level provides access to both our help desk and a Client Success Manager.  The Client Success Manager will partner with your organization to help you maximize our training products and mature your security awareness program.  They will conduct a program planning kickoff call with key contacts from your organization to understand your goals and timeline, provide an overview of the SANS Security Awareness Assessment Suite to help establish a baseline, and then support you during planning sessions to recommend key program rollout milestones.  Once your program is up and running, the Client Success Manager will conduct quarterly check-in meetings to check progress, provide you any updates, and recommend ways to optimize.  Additionally, you will receive one free pass to our Security Awareness Summit and a 50% discount on MGT433.

Enterprise Service Level
Enterprise Service Level provides all deliverables from Program Service Level, but with more frequent and detailed sessions with our Client Success Manager.  Additionally, you will receive up to eight hours Subject Matter Expert consulting guidance, our Data Handling Behavioral Assessment, 2 free passes to our Security Awareness Summit, and one free pass to MGT433.

After you have selected your service level, click the next tab to process your quote.

Once you have made a selection from each of the tabs, you will select the “Save” option on the top right corner. This will allow you to review your selections and create a quote. 

  • From here you may either reconfigure or edit each option using the tools displayed to the right of your quote.
  • Once you are satisfied, select “Create my Quote.” You will then have an opportunity to click “Preview” to review the information generated.

Click “Save” in order to download your quote and/or to purchase the quote and generate an invoice. Please note: you must save and download your quote in order to generate an invoice. 

If you would like to purchase the bundle on your quote, please select “Purchase this Bundle”.  On the next page, you again may preview the invoice or you may save the invoice to download a PDF copy.

On the bottom of the invoice you will find all of the information necessary to remit payment by check, credit card, ACH, or wire transfer.

Once you have reviewed each tab, and have gathered the information needed to build your quote, you are ready to start the quoting process. Click the button to begin building your quote. 

If you were unable to create your quote or have further questions, please complete the form below and one of our Account Executives will be in touch to assist you.

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